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Each workshop includes three live training sessions with Linda Ezuka including the popular “Ask Me Anything Q&A Session” where you get to ask your bank specific questions and hear perspectives from your peers across the nation! 

January 2023
CRA Data Integrity: Year End Best Practices

It’s “that” time of year again! 

This workshop focuses on the importance of data integrity, key definitions, data reporting challenges, common data integrity errors, data remediation, and we will end with tips and tools to support your CRA data integrity journey.  Under the CRA, you will be collecting, maintaining, and sometimes reporting data, and it is your job to make sure it has integrity. The only absolute principle of CRA is that CRA data is never done!

                  February 2023                   Fair Banking and the CRA Workshop


This workshop will focus on the mutually enforcing consumer compliance regulations that were enacted to ensure diversity and inclusion in financial services. This month we will focus on how to prevent fair lending issues, how to analyze lending performance to test for discrimination and how CRA professionals should stay connected to the bank’s fair banking programs.

                  March 2023                    CRA Services: Engaging employees to maximize community impact


This workshop will help you engage with your internal stakeholders to deploy community development impact through service. We will cover current trends in retail delivery channels and products, volunteerism and special partnerships with mission-based entities like MDIs and CDFIs. We will weave in industry examples of service leadership and award programs too!

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