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April 2023
CRA Investments: Blending Financial Returns with Community Development Impact

This workshop will start with foundational community development investments concepts and progress the advanced strategies. The sessions will be led by Linda Ezuka along with a leading law firm as a guest speaker to shed light on the often misunderstood concept of public welfare investments. The workshop will ensure you have a solid understanding to navigate regulatory change as it relates to CD finance.

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Community Development impact awaits; join your mission-driven peers on the list

Free Reference Guide

Regulatory Change Preparation Guide

After the Final Rule was released in October of 2023, we all seem to find
ourselves asking this same question, what now?

Compliance and CRA professionals tend to be balancing a lot of items on their plates and may not have the time they’d like to sit and review the final rule.

Navigating the new rule while finishing strong with the current rule can

seem daunting. This guide will help CRA Professionals as well as Chief Risk Officers in formulating a plan for regulatory change and provide the key risks to consider with questions to discuss with your team.