The CRA Hub membership was created exclusively for bankers to connect, get exam ready, and master the art of the CRA.

Clarity and confidence are waiting. Join the CRA Hub now.

Everyone wants to feel like an expert at their job.

We all want to feel in control and confident in our knowledge and abilities. We want to feel like we are performing at our best, adding tremendous value to our organization, and advancing our career.

No one hopes for a situation at work that will make them feel confused, frustrated, and alone.

Professionally, there is nothing worse than being asked to do a job with unclear direction and highly subjective guidelines for what will pass or fail an inspection. Well, there actually is something worse. Imagine also not being formally trained to do the job and left to figure things out on your own.

That’s exactly what happens in the banking industry with Community Reinvestment Act compliance managers.

  • CRA regulations are unclear and confusing
  • CRA exams are highly subjective
  • Government documentation is inadequate
  • CRA conferences are infrequent and limited

Don’t let your lack of CRA knowledge or experience make you constantly frustrated. Get the training and support you need to become an expert, stay exam-ready, and reinvest capital for the greater good.

What does it cost to join the CRA Hub?

Monthly Membership:  $275.00
Annual Membership:  $2,995.00

Our monthly membership is priced to match the cost of common industry webinars, yet you get on average five hours of training over the course of a month in the Hub. Our goal is to keep membership accessible to budgets of all sizes.  Join monthly or annually. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

The CRA Hub is open for enrollment right now!

How does CRA Hub enrollment work?

Enrollment opens monthly to welcome new members into the Hub as a cohort. Each cohort is taken through our professional onboarding in a way that provides personal connection with other cohort members and a full introduction to the resources available in the Hub.

The CRA Hub membership was created exclusively for bankers to connect with one another and master the art of the CRA collaborating and sharing experiences.

Not sure if the CRA Hub is the right fit for you and your bank? Meet with Linda to discuss your specific needs to determine the best path forward.

What is included with my CRA Hub membership?

Our CRA Hub is a CRA training program, networking community, and support group all rolled into one. You won’t find anything else like this on the market. Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

Navigate Regulatory Change Together

Navigate change and implementation of the new rule with training, experienced guidance, expert Q&A sessions, and affinity group to support the transition.

Deep Dive on Key Concepts of the CRA

We host guest experts, live training and study groups with interactive live questions and answer sessions several times per month. 

Self Assessment Accountability Group

A group dedicated to provide a collaborative environment to tackle our CRA Self-Assessments and exam prep with focus, determination, and shared expertise.

Community Development Loan Mining Accountability Group

A dedicated group, time and expectation to mine for community development loans while having the direct chat support for your questions in real time.

Affinity Groups

Where software users or those with other common attributes come together to share information and work collaboratively.

CRA Peer Network

Our private community for CRA professionals connect, convene and support each other.
Never work alone again.

Asset Size Specifics

 Affinity groups and resources to support each bank’s unique needs and challenges based on asset size regulator, and performance context.

Periodic CRA Challenges

We take deeper dives into CRA core concepts and study a variety of bank approaches for members to take the next step with their CRA projects.

CRA Masters Track

An advanced track designed for those with a certain level of CRA experience.  Advanced topics and discussions specific to our more experienced members. Qualification process required.

Trusted by Banks of All Sizes and Regulators

1,046 banks served

3,202 people served

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CRA Hub Expense Justification Kit

We realize that compliance training budgets are under intense scrutiny, which means you will likely be asked to outline how the time and money is being spent for you to join the CRA Hub.

That is exactly what our Justification Kit will do.

This kit is a framework aimed to demonstrate the ROI of the CRA Hub membership plus a bonus draft email to executive management!

Are you CRA exam-ready?

Our programs are designed to get you exam ready and stay exam ready. We help you get clear on your performance metrics, craft your performance context and narrate your story of impact. Our training programs are practitioner-based, built on best practices and ready to implement.

We have found the CRA Hub to be a tremendous resource… especially as we are readying ourselves for FDIC CRA Exam.”

Kelli Diserens, Senior Vice President, Independent Financial, Waco, Texas

No matter where you are on your CRA journey, the CRA Today delivers impact. Our training is perfect for you if:

  • You are new to CRA due to a promotion, new job or position, or were never formally trained on CRA.
  • You understand key CRA program elements and have navigated through your first CRA exam cycle and want to deepen your understanding of CRA best practices.
  • You are making progress on the integrity of your bank’s CRA data collection, maintenance, and/or reporting and want to ensure enhanced data integrity.
  • You want to learn from experts about refreshing your CRA programs and discover innovative programs to consider in your assessment areas.
  • You are navigating CRA regulatory reform, or you suspect reform is on the horizon.
  • You want to vet an idea and discuss your approach to CRA decisions with CRA colleagues who understand the unique challenges in your programs.
  • You want to forge potential partnerships for impact in a broader regional area.

“Linda Ezuka helped us prepare for a CRA examination during a compliance management transition. Together, we were able to sustain our desired CRA rating and forged a smooth transition in our compliance program.”

Bryan Luke
President and CEO, Hawaii National Bank
Honolulu, HI

“Linda has been an essential resource to our bank’s Community Reinvestment Act compliance program for more than a decade. Linda brings a wealth of experience and expertise that has helped us to achieve an “outstanding” rating from our regulator for six consecutive CRA evaluations. I highly recommend Linda to any financial institution that needs help identifying community development activities, ensuring the integrity of CRA-reportable data, or developing or enhancing their CRA program.”

Riley Angell, CRCM, Central Pacific Bank
Corporate Compliance Department, Fair Banking Officer, CRA Officer

“We have found the CRA Hub to be tremendous resource…especially as we are readying ourselves for an FDIC CRA Exam.“

Kelli D.
Senior Vice President, Independent Bank

“You have ramped up my understanding of the CRA to a place where I feel confident in addressing my executive team and board. Since joining the HUB, I have formed a CRA committee, am working on my CRA plan, and have established relationships with two CDFIs and one MDI.”

Nicole McQuarrie

Lending Compliance and CRA Officer
Plumas Bank, FDIC

A Few Customers We’ve Proudly Served:

Free Reference Guide

Regulatory Change Preparation Guide

After the Final Rule was released in October of 2023, we all seem to find
ourselves asking this same question, what now?

Compliance and CRA professionals tend to be balancing a lot of items on their plates and may not have the time they’d like to sit and review the final rule.

Navigating the new rule while finishing strong with the current rule can

seem daunting. This guide will help CRA Professionals as well as Chief Risk Officers in formulating a plan for regulatory change and provide the key risks to consider with questions to discuss with your team.