Community Reinvestment Act Training, Professional Development, and Certification

We Help You Master the CRA, Get Exam-Ready,
and Reinvest for the Greater Good

Community Reinvestment Act Training, Professional Development, and Certification

We Help You Master the CRA, Get Exam-Ready, and Reinvest for the Greater Good


The bar has been raised …

That’s where CRA Today comes in. We help you master the CRA and mitigate these risks.

CRA compliance is not just about checking a box or passing an exam. It represents an opportunity for banks to serve their local communities and to forge partnerships that increase financial inclusion and opportunity for all.

But CRA regulations are confusing and subjective – it’s hard to know where to start or where to focus your limited time.

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    Linda Ezuka
    Founder and CEO

    Created for CRA professionals, by a CRA professional

    I understand your frustration with CRA compliance. I used to run CRA for a $13 billion bank and created their CRA program from the ground up. Just like you, I was frustrated with the lack of resources and support that was available, which is why I founded CRA Today.

    I know you want to become a CRA expert, get your bank exam-ready, and leverage your position for the greater good. But right now, you probably have a lot of questions and nowhere to go for help.

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    You are probably searching for training to help you master the technical elements of CRA compliance to help you build a successful CRA program. But your bank doesn’t have an internal CRA training program, conferences are too infrequent and limited, and documentation from the government is not helpful at all. It’s hard to find good training resources, which may leave you frustrated and worried about your upcoming CRA exam.

    I get it, I’ve been in your shoes.

    CRA shouldn’t be so complicated. It is supposed to be an affirmative platform to support lower-income people and disadvantaged communities, but government regulations make it complicated and leave you spinning in uncertainty.

    CRA professionals deserve better training and resources to help them do the work that will make a difference in the world.

    Our practitioner-focused and detailed training sessions help you master the technical elements of running a CRA program so that you can quickly become a CRA expert, get your bank exam-ready, and leverage your position to start changing lives.

    Here’s how our step-by-step CRA success plan works:

    1. Take our CRA Fundamentals course – our 10-week course will give you a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the CRA
    2. Join our CRA Hub community – our members get full access to advanced CRA training and a community of peers
    3. Become a CRA expert, get your bank exam-ready, and start changing lives

    Check the dates for our next CRA Fundamentals Course, clear your calendar, and get on the waitlist. In the meantime, join our email list to get exclusive CRA content – FREE webinars, podcasts, articles, and newsletters – so you can avoid the daily frustration of feeling lost in your job, and instead become a CRA expert, get your bank exam-ready, and start changing lives.

    Become the Bank’s CRA Expert, Get Exam-Ready, and Start Changing Lives

    We offer the most complete Community Reinvestment Act training and certification program on the market today.

    CRA Today offers industry-leading CRA training and step-by-step CRA success paths

    Our training will help you master the CRA and build a culture of compliance and inclusiveness.

    All banks need a dedicated CRA Officer, yet most banks do not offer formal CRA training and struggle with governmental resources to support the position.

    CRA Today is a like a breath of fresh air for CRA professionals. We give CRA professionals the training they need to master CRA regulations, a community of peers for networking and support, and the actionable tips and plans to build a successful CRA program within their bank.

    Learning CRA with CRA Today


    Learn helpful tips and apply them quickly


    Master CRA and become certified


    Be recognized by executives and grow your career


    Build stronger relationships in the community


    Change lives and make a real difference

    Learning CRA Alone


    Worried about what you still don’t know


    Stressed about passing CRA exams


    Poor CRA results that lead to being downgraded


    Negative publicity and increased scrutiny


    Feeling like you are failing in your job

    Let’s get started!

    New(er) to the CRA?

    CRA Essential Live! Webinar is everything you need to create a solid foundation for your CRA journey. This is the perfect place to start for most compliance professionals.

    Support for Seasoned Professionals

    Learn more about our support for seasoned professionals up level their program and support team.

    To request a time with Linda to discuss training options for seasoned professionals and your team please email to request a time. 

    “Linda Ezuka helped us prepare for a CRA examination during a compliance management transition. Together, we were able to sustain our desired CRA rating and forged a smooth transition in our compliance program.”

    Bryan Luke
    President and CEO, Hawaii National Bank
    Honolulu, HI

    “Linda has been an essential resource to our bank’s Community Reinvestment Act compliance program for more than a decade. Linda brings a wealth of experience and expertise that has helped us to achieve an “outstanding” rating from our regulator for six consecutive CRA evaluations. I highly recommend Linda to any financial institution that needs help identifying community development activities, ensuring the integrity of CRA-reportable data, or developing or enhancing their CRA program.”

    Riley Angell, CRCM, Central Pacific Bank
    Corporate Compliance Department, Fair Banking Officer, CRA Officer

    “We have found the CRA Hub to be tremendous resource…especially as we are readying ourselves for an FDIC CRA Exam.“

    Kelli D.
    Senior Vice President, Independent Bank

    “You have ramped up my understanding of the CRA to a place where I feel confident in addressing my executive team and board. Since joining the HUB, I have formed a CRA committee, am working on my CRA plan, and have established relationships with two CDFIs and one MDI.”

    Nicole McQuarrie

    Lending Compliance and CRA Officer
    Plumas Bank, FDIC

    CRA Today works with banks of all asset sizes across the nation. Here are a few…

    Community Development impact awaits; join your mission-driven peers on the list

    Free Reference Guide

    Regulatory Change Preparation Guide

    After the Final Rule was released in October of 2023, we all seem to find
    ourselves asking this same question, what now?

    Compliance and CRA professionals tend to be balancing a lot of items on their plates and may not have the time they’d like to sit and review the final rule.

    Navigating the new rule while finishing strong with the current rule can

    seem daunting. This guide will help CRA Professionals as well as Chief Risk Officers in formulating a plan for regulatory change and provide the key risks to consider with questions to discuss with your team.