Episode 79: CRA Tips: You are not alone…

In a recent webinar, I received some great tips from a panel of women who shared their journeys in leading their CRA programs. I was inspired to pass them along here and share the importance of building a solid team around you in your own program. 

I start with a story about a private client who had to pull together her own team and the challenges that she faced. I share the three lines of defense CRA officers should put into place and the importance of reflecting on the current state of your CRA program.

I also paraphrase advice from one of the panelist discussing why running a CRA program is like a relay, why charitable donations to market leaders could lead to more buy-in, and how assembling a working group to talk about CRA helps you look at things from different vantage points. 

Another great tip from the panel is to hold smaller, weekly meetings with key stakeholders to share CRA program wins and hot topics. Additionally, bringing market presidents to exit meetings helps them understand how their work impacts the ultimate CRA rating. 

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