Episode 54: Inspiring Our Next Generation of Financially Literate Students with Abby Coyle, CEO and Co-Founder, ClassEquity

Episode 54: Inspiring Our Next Generation of Financially Literate Students with Abby Coyle, CEO and Co-Founder, ClassEquity

“11% of students from low-income households graduate college,” says Abby Coyle. As a former educator for Teachers for America, Abby realized the equity gap in the education system. To close the gap, Abby co-founded ClassEquity, an online platform aimed to help students build financial literacy. 

Class equity enables students to open their own “bank account,” through which they practice earning classroom dollars, saving, and spending in a safe environment. Co-founders Abby and Katie started ClassEquity to solve a problem they both experienced during their time as classroom teachers in Title 1 schools: access to financial education. With ClassEquity, they aim to increase economic mobility by giving all students the tools they need to become financially independent, regardless of their zip code. After launching this fall, ClassEquity now supports over 3,000 students across 120 classrooms weekly.  


Tune into this episode of the CRA Podcast to learn more about the role that technology and financial education play in providing economic and educational equity for students. 


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